Leah Oliver

Founder & CEO

Minnik Wealth Advisors to Women in Business


Chartered Accountant – Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia

Registered Tax Agent – Tax Practitioners Board Australia

Bachelor of Business (Finance and Accounting) – University of Technology Sydney


Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia

Minnik Women in Business - Leah Oliver

Leah Oliver is the Founder and CEO of Minnik Wealth Advisors and Financial Freedom for Women in Business.

Leah’s vision is to educate and support inspirational women in business, assisting them to achieve financial independence and success, allowing them the freedom to live the life they choose.

Leah’s approach to assisting women in business achieve financial success is based on her ability to implement strategic changes, and leverage opportunities, that make a significant difference to outcomes.   Her methods start with maximising business performance, but extend well beyond the business realm, taking the clients entire financial circumstances into account, including the client’s family and personal wealth journey.

Leah is first and foremost a successful business woman, and well positioned to assist women in business.  Her qualifications and years of experience in professional practice provide her with expertise in business and wealth advisory, chartered accounting, and taxation management.  Above and beyond these skills, it is her insights and understanding towards women in business, particular with respect to their personal life goals which differentiates her.

Assisting women in business is Leah’s specialty.  She particularly enjoys working with dynamic and inspirational women operating established businesses, who are seeking financial leadership not only with their business ventures and entrepreneurial activities, but extending to their personal sphere as well.  Leah is passionate about empowering women to achieve in all aspects of their lives.

It is her own life experience and journey that provides Leah with the empathy and understanding that enables women in business to break through the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential.  Challenges that include time management, family obligations, generating adequate remuneration for lifestyle, and maintaining wealth for a secure future ahead.   Leah is particularly passionate about inspiring women to make a difference, and comfortably fund the process.

To this end, Leah created the Financial Freedom for Women in Business and the Minnik Program.   This Program addresses both key business and personal financial matters specific to the requirements of women in business.  The mission of Leah’s movement is to provides access to a central professional network for women in business to connect, identify their purpose, share their story, and learn how to adequately fund both their life, and their impact on the world.

Leah and her team of professionals work with business women to implement growth strategies or to utilise existing resources to increase revenue, establish a healthy cash flow and achieve maximum business efficiency.  Her focus is in three primary areas of business, professional practice (legal, medical, real estate), creative organisations (marketing, fashion, arts), and lifestyle businesses (home, food, health).  Leah assists women to understand the wealth generating asset that their business represents.

While professional wealth advisory is at the core of the Financial Freedom for Women in Business movement, Leah’s clients often say that she wears many hats.  Leah’s approach is based on honesty and open communication to create a collaborative approach which builds a two-way street of trust and respect.

Leah’s colleagues describe her as innovative, inspirational and hardworking with an insatiable appetite for sharing her knowledge and helping others to achieve success in their business and personal lives.