Larissa Ellington

Compliance Manager

Minnik Wealth Advisors to Women in Business


Certificate IV Bookkeeping

Military Administration

NZQA Aeronautical Engineering Aircraft Furnishings & Equipment

PPG Aerospace Military Coatings & Defleet Advanced

City & Guilds Bar Chef 1 & 2


New Zealand Operational Service Medal

New Zealand General Service Medal Afghanistan

New Zealand Defence Service Medal

Minnik Women in Business - Larissa Ellington

Larissa Ellington is Compliance Manager at Minnik Wealth Advisors and Financial Freedom for Women in Business.

Qualified and highly skilled Business Manager, Client Co-ordinator, and Bookkeeper, Larissa is an extremely organised and disciplined person, a true asset to the Minnik team.  Larissa’s dedication towards ensuring processes run to plan, her commitment to following through to completion on all tasks, and her continuous attention to detail, have the rest of us in awe on a daily basis.

Larissa is passionate about pleasing everyone and she is the captain of a super organised ship.  When Larissa is around, everything runs smooth.  She is a motivator, and an inspiration to those who surround her.  Larissa carries a strength that sets her apart from the rest.  Just when you think the ball has travelled too far off field, Larissa appears from nowhere to catch it.

Xero expert and bookkeeper extraordinaire, Larissa has the skills to assist our clients with all manner of tasks that cross their desk every day.  Larissa manages the entire bookkeeping function of many clients, and attends to their compliance matters from start to completion.  Before you can say “tax”, you spin around, and the work is done.

Treat people the way you would like to be treated is Larissa’s philosophy.  This rings true as Larissa practices exactly this.  These are wonderful qualities for a foundation of trust.  Our clients continuously tell us how lucky they feel to have Larissa on their side.

Larissa’s life experience is incredibly interesting, previously working in a variety of roles for the Royal New Zealand Airforce and Navy, and New Zealand Internal Affairs.  These roles included Safety & Surface Worker, Head Chef, and Creator of Passports.  This experience has taken her across continents and around the world.  Her military background is what makes Larissa shine when it comes to the extraordinary manner in which she carries out her work.  Such reliability and commitment are very rare qualities.

Down to earth, honest, and trustworthy by nature, Larissa’s colleagues and clients know that they can absolutely rely on Larissa without question or doubt.  A kind and caring person, Larissa strives to help others in everything she does.  Above all, Larissa is a true friend to us all.