Educate to Communicate – Believing You Can

Kate Meredith is Founder and Director of the Meredith Linn Company t/as Educate to Communicate.  Kate established her business as recently as 2014, and is already in a well established position, now planning for growth.  Educate to Communicate specialises in providing quality speech pathology services to young children.

“I am a speech pathologist.   I was working tirelessly for a hospital and my husband and I were in the midst of creating a family when I decided there had to be a better way.   Juggling family commitments and keeping to someone else clock in a job that I was not enjoying at all, these pressures were becoming too much.   I believed that I had what it takes to run my own show, which would give me not only the financial security to provide for my family, but the flexibility to spend time with my children as well.”   

We will never forget the first day that we met Kate.   Kate came to meet me in our office and said “I want to start a business”.   She was due to give birth to her second child the following week.  Kate handed her baby over to me and disappeared into the bathroom.   “I’ll be back to find out how”.

I must admit I was sceptical at the time, and was certainly hesitant to recommend anything too complex for Kate at the start.  But I felt that Kate had what it takes.  So we pressed on.

“I needed help to setup my business structure, to arrange capital, to appoint staff, to rent premises, and establish financial records, and the list goes on and on.   I had to move fast.   I had to do this for myself and for my family.” Kate said …

Our Assessment

I recognised something extra special about Kate from the very first day.   Kate had natural entrepreneurial talent, she had the motivation and the drive, tremendous courage to achieve something very challenging despite the odds, and the ability to think well outside of the box.   I couldn’t imagine Kate working for anyone.   The world is a better place with Kate in the driver’s seat.

We started with a simple structure, as we were moving into the unknown with Kate, and there was some amount of outlay required before the business would be in a position to fund its own day to day operations.   Kate has staff lined up which at that early stage was premature, we had to get our hands in the mud first.

Kate had explained to us that she was notorious at anything to do with figures and administration.   Aside from that she was too busy to deal with it.   The books evolved as a reflection of this.   Every time we logged into her cloud accounting file, there was a handful of dramas to be dealt with.  We were constantly cleaning up after Kate.

Like most entrepreneurial mindsets, Kate would surge forward, then fall down, and get back up again.   Time and time again.   Kate has had her dark days and moments of doubt.   She expresses to us that she is not properly remunerated by the business, which of course takes time.  But her troubles, common as they are for new business owners, don’t reflect in the performance of her project.

It is still early days for Educate to Communicate, and the business has travelled from strength to strength.  We are in awe at Kate’s achievements in such a short space of time.

After getting to know Kate, we figured the best way to help her is with by introducing moderation, and educating Kate on business process and life cycles.  We were determined to assist Kate because we knew that she would succeed at absolutely anything she put her mind to.   It is not every day that you meet a woman like Kate Meredith.

Working Together 

The Minnik Program has thus far focussed on bringing Educate to Communicate to a point of stability, as a foundation to take the business to the next level of growth.

Premature staff appointments had drained cash flow initially.   Some changes were required to bring Kate back in and onto the tools to push through this obstacle, until such time as the start up could afford the resources.   We realised the need for outside support as a result of the cash setback, and Kate sourced some contract work to assist things along.  It was not long before things were back on track, and the hires this time were people more dedicated to Kate’s vision.

Educate to Communicate had to keep its overheads down, so they took on functions in-house, including bookkeeping & payroll.   As mentioned, this had its disadvantages, but the benefit is that both Kate and her husband are now well educated on the financial workings of the business.

Many start-up businesses in the medical line rely on clinics whose service arrangements draw a large commission from earnings.   We have mentored Educate to Communicate towards driving private earnings as their more worthwhile income stream.  The idea is that the government work is systemised to be managed by staff, thereby freeing up the business owners time to focus on attracting more private revenue.

Hard work and dedication are the key to the progress of Educate to Communicate.   Two years on and the business provides Kate with a wage comparable to her employment back in 2014.   The only way is up for this phenomenal woman and her chosen direction.

Kate’s Success

The Minnik Program has provided a reliable support to Kate on her journey with Educate to Communicate.  There is some more milestones to reach but there is no stopping Kate on a mission.

Kate’s two small children are growing, and in the midst of her devotion to them, Kate has built a small business which helps to provide for her family.   This being her absolute aim.

Aside from her personal goals, what could be more rewarding than being able to say that your business helps children with speaking and swallowing difficulties to communicate, so that they are well positioned to integrate into the world around them.

I like to remind Kate to consider how far she has come, when contemplating how far she has to go.   The outcomes of such inspirational energy cannot go unrecognised, nor be underestimated.

What Kate has to say . . . .

“Educate to Communicate is about helping people.  Our caseload is varied.  We support babies with feeding difficulties, toddlers who are late talkers, school aged children with speech, language and literacy difficulties, and the elderly with communication and swallowing difficulties.”

“The core purpose of my business is helping others to overcome the obstacle of speech problems.   The very nature of our services is community based and we strive to make a difference to the lives of every patient that engages with us.”

“I am busy.   Too busy.   But I have chosen this way.   My husband Matt helps me with the administrative side of the business.   In time I aim to be in a position to outsource more of what we shouldn’t be spending our valuable time on.”

“Leah is wonderful.  We have a great connection and I know she is on our side.   I can approach her with any problem that I might be having, and we get through it together.   She is measured, personable and an absolute asset to our small business.  She can even explain tax in a way that I can understand!   I recommend Leah and her team very highly.”