You are a member of a profession.  This may be a medical doctor, a lawyer, perhaps an architect or a property developer.

You are a high achiever who is well qualified in your professional field, and has moved through your life continuously developing your technical knowledge.

You are owner or equity shareholder in a professional practice, which employs a small to medium size team.  You enjoy your work and dealing with your clients, plus the stimulation that comes with owning your own project.

You see the value in having the very best of support around you, and choose wisely when it comes to how you spend your time.

As professionals in practice, we understand the key issues that you face in creating, maintaining, and growing a busy practice all the way to success.  Your work can be demanding, amidst raising a family, managing your health, and living your life.

Due to your busy routine, personal life goals and financial matters in particular can become neglected.

Highly qualified professionals are required to be dedicated to their chosen discipline, which can leave limited time to attend to such matters as business development and personal financial affairs.  These areas are often best outsourced to the experts.

Our professional clients are consistently grateful to us for giving them the peace of mind that their business advisory and compliance matters are taken care of, and their personal financial roadmap is not only established, but is consistently reviewed according to changes in their personal circumstances.

“Leah and her team attended to the financial affairs of the Repipe group of entities from streamlining the books and internal systems, to a corporate restructure and winding up of dormant entities, and beyond this considered our personal positions to ensure they were tax effective and maximised for wealth.  Our accounting function operates without disruption, we have reliable financials available at any time, and we are able to plan and make decisions that enhance the performance of our business.”

Jeannine Smith

The Minnik Program is available to women in business who are a member of a profession, as one of our three specialist areas.

We assist you to bring efficiency and growth to your professional practice, to maximise and manage your income, and to be accountable for your personal financial position.  Ultimately we encourage you to identify how you would like to make a difference to the world, and educate you on how to structure your finances to fund your activities.

If you are a professional woman in business, and you would like to learn more, please proceed to review The Minnik Program in more detail, we look forward to meeting you.

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