Women tend to self select themselves to engage with us on their professional journey.
We invite you to review what we refer to as the Minnik 10 Essentials.
Which Essentials personally relate to you?



In our view, your business should be your primary income generator.   It should fund your lifestyle, your investment aspirations and ultimately, your retirement plan.   The problem is that entrepreneurial people can become so incredibly busy in their business ventures that they tend to neglect their personal wealth position and become distracted on their personal journey.   We assist you to maximise the performance of your business, and to ensure your business earnings translate to personal wealth, and financial freedom.  Imagine how this freedom will empower you, allowing you to fulfil your wildest dreams, and ultimately make a difference to the world we live in.


Like most entrepreneurs, you founded your business with the aim of a better lifestyle, more freedom, and happiness, liberated from the chains of answering to the “boss”, and adhering to corporate rules.   Your spirit wanted to fly, and you had so much more to offer the world.  No one explained to you that you would live and breathe your business, and feel exhausted every time you took a vacation!    The entrepreneur is known to exude passion and enthusiasm, and to be contagious to their support network.  This is one of the key elements to their success.   We help you to maintain your energy, to continuously nurture your spirit, and to ensure that you are doing what you do best, and what you love to do.  Your deserve to live the life you choose.


A mentor told you that if you find yourself working “IN” your business, get out fast!   Next comes the guilt every time you find yourself back on the tools.   We all know that “getting out” is easier said than done.   Afterall you founded your business, who could do the work better than you!   The key to this dilemma is in building a great team and surrounding networks.   If you can do a better job than your hire can, this is a clear sign that they are not the right choice for your business.   We educate you on how to choose, train, and achieve the very best performance from those that surround and support you, and essentially how to free up your time to redefine your role as CEO of your business.  Learn how to conquer the “in versus out” principal.


How would you like your business to look in 3 years time?   And you – where do you see yourself as part of your business in 10 years time?   Can your business operate without you?    Building your business into a saleable asset takes courage, skill, and time.   And it simply wont happen if you don’t have a plan.  Your business is one of your most valuable assets.   We help you to recognise the opportunities available to your business in the future, and to implement strategies to take your asset to the stage of realisable value.  Know your direction, and start building a strategic plan today.   Be sure to achieve the maximum outcome for the years of hard work and dedication that you have invested in your business.


Entrepreneurs like you have a deep desire to achieve something incredible and extraordinary.   Its something that you have personally dreamed of for a very long time.  For this reason and another, you just don’t seem to be getting closer to the task.   Life is ticking on and that dream feels further away from achieving than ever.   What’s standing in your way?   Let’s take the time to identify the obstacles you face in achieving your big goal.   We want to understand those obstacles and work with you to push through them.   It is important that you don’t procrastinate any further on your life goals.  Time won’t wait around to hear all those reasons.   If your desire is deep enough, the word is “NOW”.


Do you feel like you are working “all the time”?   Your business development tasks are pushed to the side.   Your day is consumed with putting out fires and internal dramas.   You are a multi-tasker, but your most essential tasks are being neglected.   It is time for you to stop.   What are you working on?  What did you do today?   Can this be delegated?   Can that be passed on?   The entrepreneur that cannot let go with confidence is no longer an entrepreneur, but a business owner who is permanently at work.   We can educate you on how to know the difference, and how to avoid the trap.


We all know Andy Lark, CMO of Xero, Beautiful Accounting Software.   Andy teaches us to forget about the familiar saying “Work Life Balance”.   Instead Andy talks about “Work Life Integration”.   The entrepreneur doesn’t turn up to work at 9 and leave at 5 – certainly not!   The entrepreneur never stops thinking about how to improve and maximise the potential of their project, and which direction to take next.   There is no switching off work and clicking in to life!   When you do what you love and you do it with passion, this is your life.   We encourage you to create your own destiny, and to be thrilled by your self made journey.


Are you having fun?   When you get out of bed in the morning, do you have a spring in your step?  If you kept a diary of daily highlights – happenings that make you feel fantastic – would this be an inspirational read?   Or would you have to make it all up?  We believe that “having fun” is a serious theme for success.   Not many people can say that they love their work.   We aim to see you challenge this norm.   Inject fun and happiness into your team, and into your work scene.   Be infectious.


Business owners often feel that they constantly have a long list of problems to deal with.   More so they are convinced that they are the only ones encountering those problems.   Draining staff.   IT breakdowns.   Sales didn’t reach target.   The accountant speaks a foreign language.   Dysfunctional systems and no time to address.   Need to grow but don’t know where to start.   Feeling isolated.   The buck stops with you.   You have so many people relying on you.   And you are not spending enough time with your kids!  The pressure is very real.   How do you charge on through these deep dark moments of despair, where you are consumed with fear and nothing seems to be going right?   Lets not forget that you are human.  Super human sure.   But still human.   We remind you to focus on what is most important to you.   We assist you to apply lasting solutions to the rest.


Our clients are women, and often mums.  Being a mum means you are a highly efficient operator already.   This has become part of your absolute nature!   You manage your time well, but you just don’t seem to have enough of it.   You are so busy being mum, and running your business, that your social life has come to a screaming halt, and you can’t remember the last time you took the overgrown path to an old friend’s house.  Strange days indeed.   We help you to approach your business from a different angle.   Your business is just one part of a very grand picture.   Let us help you to put this in perspective.


If you found yourself relating to the Minnik 10 Essentials, the good news is that you are not alone.
These Essentials are a reflection of our most common observations for entrepreneurial women in business.

In response we have created the Minnik Business Program and the Minnik Personal Program for Women in Business.
These are 2 complementary programs designed to support and guide you through the drum of business life,
to achieve personal financial freedom, and to make a difference to the world we live in.

We invite you to learn more about The Minnik Programs.
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