Minnik Personal Program 

You own and run a successful business.  You work hard.  You are possibly a busy wife and parent.   How do you do it all.

The question is, amongst all of life’s chaos, what is in it for you?

Is your life mapping out as you had envisioned?

Are you happy in your shoes?

Are your activities stimulating you?

Do you feel like you are making a difference to the world?

Can you see yourself achieving your personal goals in this lifetime?

If you have answered “no” or “not quite” to any of the above questions, the Minnik Personal Program” is designed to help you turn things around in your personal sphere.

This Program is a journey which involves identifying your personal goals, and developing a series of strategies to achieve them.   You will be accountable for bringing your goals to the front line, and taking action to make them a reality.

  • Stage 1: ROADMAP

    It’s your life – your journey – together we formulate your roadmap

  • Stage 2: BUDGET

    It all begins with your budget, we implement this essential lifelong tool

  • Stage 3: INCOME

    Utilising your current income streams, we channel them to work for you

  • Stage 4: INVESTMENTS

    You’re treading water until your passive income is in place, we set you up

  • Stage 5: SUPPORT

    Your supporters are key to your success, we refine your cheer squad

  • Stage 6: ACTIVATE

    Your tank is full, your revs are up, we guide you out the gates

  • Stage 6: FOCUS

    Where to next, we help you to maintain focus

Minnik Personal Program – It’s Your Life

Based on the outcome of your Minnik Personal Assessment session, we formulate a “3 Year Vision” for your personal life, which is carried out in 7 Stages.

At each Stage, we reflect back to Stage 1 “Roadmap”, this being your constant companion.  The map may change during the course of your journey.  This is part of the process of accurately identifying your life purpose and creating the path to achieve it.

A measurement formula is applied to each Stage, to reflect the benefit gained from implementation of the relevant strategies, designed to assist you in funding and achieving your personal objectives.

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We believe that every being is on this earth for a reason.
We are passionate about helping you to understand your reason, to be able to fund your life dreams, and to go forth and make your impact on the world.

Accumulate wealth.  Direct it sensibly.
Surround yourself with beautiful people who share your passion and support your chosen path.
Be brave enough to be your true self, and inspire others by doing so.
Live your life with passion.   Love what you do.
And make a difference.


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Live the Life You Choose …