Minnik Personal Assessment

The Minnik Personal Assessment session involves a deeper understanding of you personally.

This session follows on from our work together on your business, so we have a general idea of your personal circumstances by now.   We gain a much deeper insight into your personal affairs, how you plan to finance your future, and how you aim to fund your wildest dreams.

The central topic of this session is your purpose in life.   We explore what matters most to you, what you feel passionate about, the things that make you feel wonderful, and how you wish to direct your energies in the direction you desire.  We confront the question “are you where you’d like to be personally and financially in your life”.

You have successfully founded, built and managed your business.   It is time to streamline, switch on, and drive forward your “personal business”.

The outcome of the Minnik Personal Assessment session is a well defined image of you, your vision for your life, and how you would like to see yourself in 3 years time.

We identify goals that may have been put aside due to a long list of commitments and responsibilities, perhaps something missing that you wish to fulfil, or simply a series of steps designed to improve your lifestyle.   We encourage you to reveal your life dreams, work with us to fund them, and ultimately achieve them.

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You have one life.  You wont allow money to prevent you from achieving all that you desire. 

Journey with us to learn how to build a passive investment portfolio, accumulate income streams, and manage your financial realm, enabling you to create the life you wish for.

Generate it, grow it, nurture it.
Secure your personal future, and fund what you have always dream of.


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