Minnik Business Program 

You have founded it, managed it, built it up, nurtured it, and spent endless hours of time and precious energy bringing your business to its present state.

Since you have come this far, the question is, what is your business doing for you? 

Is your business performing according to your expectations?   Is your business rewarding you as originally planned?  

Are you enjoying what you do?  Do you love your work?  

Are your business outcomes translating to personal wealth for you and your family?

If you have answered “no” or “not quite” to any of the above questions, the Minnik Business Program is designed to assist you.

This Program involves a long term relationship, and a level of commitment and determination to achieve lasting results.   You will be empowered with the knowledge and tools required to bring your business to where it needs to be.

  • Stage 1: STREAMLINE

    Utilising what you’ve got, we shape it up and sort it out

  • Stage 2: SYSTEMS

    You’re going nowhere until your systems are in place, we set you up

  • Stage 3: RESOURCES

    People are the key to your success, we refine your team

  • Stage 4: LAUNCH

    Its your new chapter, we set the flame alight

  • Stage 5: MONITOR

    Observe and pivot as required, we help you stay on track

Minnik Business Program – It’s Your Business

Based on the outcome of our Business Assessment Session, we formulate a “3 Year Vision” for your business, which is carried out in 5 Stages.

Each of the 5 Stages involves formulating a number of objectives that are set to deadlines, according to the needs of your business.   They involve working closely together with you to address obstacles and concerns as they arise, applying solutions where necessary, and progressing past the obstacles to achieve these objectives.

A measurement formula is applied to each Stage, to reflect the extent of impact and improvement to your business that has been achieved.

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It is our ultimate aim to see you succeed in business, to maximise the performance and value of your primary asset, and to have a great time doing it.

Generate wealth, surround yourself with the best people, channel your energies in a positive way, run your business with passion, love your work, and finance your future.


Financial Freedom for Women in Business
Live the Life You Choose …