Minnik Business Assessment 

The Minnik Business Assessment session involves an overview of your business, and getting to know you, as founder of your business.

During this session we explore your business – its past, its present, and your aims and desires for its future.

This time together is imperative for us to achieve an accurate picture of your business in its current state, and most importantly, to understand the real you.

We explore a range of topics, from the internal operations of your firm, your team and support networks, most certainly the financials, and how you are rewarded at the end of the day.

We confront the all important question “are you where you would like to be in business”.

A number of objectives are identified, together with obstacles that may be standing in the way of you achieving your goals.  We focus on the impact on your business of applying solutions to issues you may be facing.   Such impact inevitably extends beyond your business to the impact on you, your family, and your lifestyle.

The outcome of the Minnik Business Assessment session is a clear image of you, your vision for your firm, and where you hope to see your business in 3 years time.

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