Your business is in the category of “Lifestyle”.   You may be an interior designer.   You may own a stylish restaurant, or trendy café.  Perhaps your business is in tourism.  Or fitness, health and beauty.  All in all – what the world sees in you – is style and flair.

You are are a “people person”.  Your work involves constant contact with people, and your business is built on the relationships you have made over time.

You are the owner or co-owner of your business, and you manage a small to medium size team.

You saw an opportunity to take on the challenge, and your business is the result of your hard work and dedication.  Your networks cover far and wide, from staff and clients to suppliers and associates on the social scene.  You are a well known and respected name around town.

Figures may not be your cup of tea, but of utmost importance to you is the ongoing financial success of your venture, and knowing that this side of your business is being well maintained, and is consistently accurate and reliable.

We recognise that “Lifestyle” business owners are rarely at home.  Managing the finances is something our lifestyle clients seek to outsource, to free up time for their business, networking, and social activities.

We ensure our clients stay constantly in tune with their financial affairs, without having to attend to the details.

This encompasses not only maximising the performance of your business venture as your primary income generator, but your personal investment portfolio as well, otherwise known as your passive income.

“We spent years looking for the service that Minnik offers.  We still cant believe how they tick all the boxes.  Great knowledge of financial accounting, sorted out some messy super issues, minimised our tax exposure – and all done in a calm, composed way.  We recommended Leah (total rockstar) to friends of ours who own a business.  Leah has given them a bunch of ideas & solutions that have dramatically improved processes for them!  If you are after excellent financial advice & support, chat to Minnik.”

Rosmariam Ariffin (on behalf of)

The Minnik Program is available to women in business in the “Lifestyle” category, as one of our three areas of expertise.

We assist you to effectively fund your business and personal journey, to attend to your investments so they are working efficiently for you in the background, while you are doing what you love to do most.  Ultimately we inspire you to be yourself, and educate you on how to fund your contribution to the world around you.

If you are a woman in the business of “Lifestyle” and you would like to learn more, please review The Minnik Program in more detail, we look forward to meeting you.

Financial Freedom for Women in Business
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