You are an artist.  Whether this be an artist in the traditional sense, a graphic or fashion designer, or an expert in marketing.  The bottom line is – creativity is your thing.

You are well respected in your field, and have built your name and brand over time, constantly working on exposure and recognition amidst a world of competition.  You are the owner or co-owner of your business, which employs a small to medium size team, and you are surrounded by a network of community minded supporters.

Some years back you took the brave step of founding your own creative enterprise, and here you are today.  It hasn’t been easy, but you have fought through the obstacles and pushed on ahead.  You’ve been lucky to have good people around you who are happy to share in the success of something wonderful.

You value the knowledge of a business advisor as you see the value in learning as much as you can about your business and its potential.

We understand what is involved in founding, launching, and growing a business based on creativity.  Creative business owners can be so passionate and engaged in their business, that their own creativity and reason for being there becomes clouded.

Family life and personal finances of creative business owners are often intertwined with the business.   We assist our creative clients to maintain structure, and perspective.

Our client base is populated with beautiful, genuine, incredibly creative business women who we love to work with.  Their businesses have grown and their founders have discovered their own success story.  We have walked beside them every step of the way.

“The Minnik team has helped my business greatly.  We had to completely restructure and Leah handled everything with ease and efficiency.  Leah is reliable and understands how our business works.  I have found her help and advice priceless.  Having worked with other advisors in the past we were so happy to find Leah as she goes beyond what others offer.  I recommend Minnik without hesitation!”

Christina Kelly

The Minnik Program is available to women in business in the creative sector, as one of our three primary themes.

We assist you to separate your business and personal life, to treat your personal financial position as a business in itself, and to maximise the capacity of both.

Ultimately we inspire you to rediscover your creative self, and to identify how you choose make your impact on the world.

If you are a creative woman in business, and you would like to learn more, please review The Minnik Program in more detail, we look forward to meeting you.

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